Need a quick and easy fragrance oil diffuser?

Back in the "olden days" people would wash their clothes and then hang them from a string outside. They would use wooden clothespins to secure their laundry on the clothesline to keep it from blowing away.

Today we can use these little "clips" in so many different ways. I use them to keep my chip bags closed and prevent them from getting stale. I also found a nifty way to use them to diffuse my fragrance oils at home and in my car.

Just drizzle a few drops of oil, you can use fragrance and essential oils, on the clothespin and clip it on your vent. Simple. And it works great! You can also clip a few on your home vents and it doesn't matter if it's a floor, ceiling or wall vent, it will work anywhere.

I bought a big back of clothespins from Amazon and clip these all over. Give it a try!


How long will the fragrance last? Great to have you back!!!
Sue Faunt said…
Hi Michelle,
I found it scented my car for about a 2 weeks. This was using about 3 drops on the pin.
Happy to be back!!
Unknown said…
I love this idea!! I'm getting a new car today and I'll be trying this thanks!

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