New in 2018 - Monthly Tricks, Tips & Tidbits Newsletter

I'm trying something a little different in 2018, I'll be sending out an email once a month with things I've learned about life, fragrances and interesting tidbits that I think you may enjoy. If there is something you'd like to learn more about in how I do business or hiking or anything, please email me @
I've struggled with insomnia for the last 10 years, so I'm always looking for new, natural ways to get my necessary sleep. This podcast will seriously knock you right out. Check out the Sleep With Me Podcast.
I found this great YouTube video on how to apply perfume roll-ons.
I love hearing about people in the world doing good with their scented businesses. I'd love you to watch this video about Donovan and how he helps the homeless with his scented soaps. Scroll down the page to watch the 18 minute video.


Dearest Scooter said…
Thanks so much for sharing about the podcast with these great tips!!!
Sue Faunt said…
My pleasure!! Thanks for all the rested, peaceful sleep filled nights!!

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