Ways I've been able to reduce my trash output and my plastic usage

Here are a few, small tweaks I have made to reduce my waste output and plastic usage:

Instead of paper towels, have a stack of wash clothes stacked by the paper towels as an alternative. I just bought a big stack of wash clothes from Amazon.

I've completely eliminated using the plastic K-Cups by buying a reusable one from Amazon.

My morning drink is an iced coffee with 1/2 coffee and 1/2 almond milk. I used to use a plastic cup and straw and have replacement it with a steel cup and straw from Amazon. I also bring this into Whole Foods when I want a juice drink or coffee.

I have a very minimal face care routine, but did use alot of cotton pads. I replaced these with a 10 pack of reusable, washable cotton pads I found on Amazon Handmade.

No more plastic utensils and paper plates, if it is really needed, I use compostable plates and bowls and wooden utensils.

I have a reusable Contigo water botttle that holds 32 ozs., I make sure I drink 64 ozs. a day. Has a nice wide opening so you can add ice cubes.

Instead of water bottles, I bring a 3L water hydration bladder for all my long distance hikes. Easy to clean and you can fill it with ice cubes to keep the water (and your back) nice and cold.

I have a few microfiber towels around for cleaning windows and mirrors instead of paper towels.

I always keep my reusable grocery bags in my car, so no matter where I shop, I have them handy.

To eliminate plastic wrap for leftovers and veggies, I bought some reusable beeswax wraps. They work really well!

I replaced my plastic toothbrush with these bamboo toothbrushes.

For a more natural way to soften fabrics in the dryer, I use these wool dryer balls. For towels and sheets, I put a few drops of lavender or cananga essential oil on them.

For my tall kitchen trash can, I use the biodegradable tall kitchen trash bags by Biobag.

If you have any more tips on how to reduce plastic usage, I'd love to hear them, please leave them in the comments.


April said…
Wow! What great ideas! Thanks for doing the research for all of us!!

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