How can fragrance lift and positively impact your mood?

Is it possible that a particular scented room spray or an oil diffuser can change my mood?

Well, according to some studies, fragrance possesses the power to affect and change your mood. A pleasant smelling fragrance not only aids in boosting your mood but also enhances the quality of your work patterns and behavior in various ways. Believe it or not scents work like magic on us. This "magic" is based on our associative learning. It is processed in a way that specific items or events an individuals experience is linked to are either good or bad. A particular fragrance may trigger certain emotions and feelings based on ones memories. What might bring a positive feeling, such as tranquility and happy emotions to someone, may not be the same for another person.

How does fragrance affect my mood?
Many oil diffusers and room sprays offer some aromatherapy effect and quality, which can alter and boost your mood. However, knowing this fact that scents can significantly affect mood, you can create a scent library of fragrances that offer you a definite boost to your mood and with it, many benefits.

Here is a list of positive moods that you can have with the perfect aromatherapy spray or diffuser:

•    Uplifting Mood:
Different aromas have a tremendous physiological effect on the human body, and this can lift your mood too. No doubt, pleasant smells help in lowering the heart rate, reduce stress level, and will ultimately lead to you feeling better.

•    Increased Alertness:
Good fragrances not only boost your emotions but also improves your brain health and increases mental sharpness.

•    Invigoration:
Using an organic scented oil diffuser would help to avoid the harmful side effects of chemicals and invoke a sense of invigoration and keep you energized all day long.

•    Relaxation:
Using a good quality relaxation aroma induces a sense of happiness and will also make your muscles relax and you will feel more positive after a long workday.

•    Feeling motivated:
Nothing could be achieved without motivation and invoking motivation can sometimes be the toughest job on earth. But did you know an invigorating room spray can boost your feelings of motivation?

If you need help finding just the right combination of essential oils to achieve any of the above outcomes, feel free to email me at or leave a comment below.


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