Top 5 Reasons to try Vegan

The world needs our help; there is no doubt about that. For moral reasons, it is our obligation to do our part and to lessen our massive ecological footprint on our planet earth. Going vegan is more than just what you eat. It’s part of a way bigger picture that many may not be aware of.

Here are the top 5 reasons on why you should give veganism a try:

1.  Save animals. Those two words alone are enough for many.  Not eating animals prevents less animals being slaughtered. So use agave instead of bee’s honey, instead of wearing fur, how about faux fur and instead of applying animal tested make-up, go for the cruelty free products that don’t test on them.

2.  Stop animal abuse.  This reason ties in with the first point; however the abuse is something that many turn a blind eye to.  Don’t participate in events that cause pain to animals for our entertainment purposes. Why watch an elephant in pain just so we can cruelly sit on them for a little fun? Or see the lions in zoos wither away being stuck in a cage so we can pass by for an hour of fun?

3.  Diet. For many it’s health reasons. Our stomachs take a long time to digest meat and both meat and dairy can open the door for various diseases. So opt out of animal products both in food and everyday items and lower your risk of diseases.

4.  Increase your mood! Here's a fun fact. By not eating meat, you avoid eating the hormones and antibiotics the animals are forced to take.  Eliminating this, sparks energy in your body so you won’t feel the sluggish symptoms that comes with eating meat and dairy.

5.  Environment. Another fun fact. Water needed to feed animals that are meant for our consumption requires almost 6 times the amount of water (per tons) needed to water our crops for consumption. Being vegan, you’re contributing to the lessening of our water waste.

I know I've been "beating the vegan drum" alot lately, but since I became vegan I'm discovering all the ways that it helps my body, my mind and our planet. And I just wanted to share these insights with anyone who is interested.

I do take a daily multi-vitamin which helps me prevent any B12 and Vitamin C deficiencies. Here's a link if you want to check it out:


April said…
Thanks for all this great information about Vegan!

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