Sport: Hiker | Challenge: Seasonal Exercise Induced Asthma | Solution: Primatene Mist

All my life I have had seasonal exercise induced asthma, but I didn't know it until 7 years ago. After years of building up my lung functions, hiking 4 miles a day and climbing mountains, it stopped bothering me. Except when it gets cold from Christmas Day to the end of February (I live in the southwest, moving to a new city every year).

My temporary solution has always been Albuterol, but I don't like how it makes me feel. Plus explaining to a new doctor every year and getting a prescription for about 20 uses seems silly, since it subsides in March. My temporary solution has been to hike slowly, doing all the things they say helps; like warming up, breathing through my nose and breathing through a scarf to warm up my breath. I've also eliminated any inflammation foods from my diet (I took one of those mail in hair tests) and I've been vegan for a year (so no dairy or cheese, which can be a mucous trigger). After only doing 1.64 miles yesterday and wheezing during and after, it was time to call my doctor.

But, I remembered about 6 years ago when I started to tackle this, I used an OTC inhaler called Primatene Mist. I know it was pulled from the market, but I thought, WTH, I'll do a quick Google search before I call my doc.

It's back and it was at my local CVS. I drove over there, still wheezing, and bought one.

Today, fingers crossed, I took 2 puffs before hitting the trails. I finished my 4 miles without any issues at all. I am in heaven.

Not only do I feel energized and ready to tackle the world, but my daily hikes are also my moving meditation and education sessions. Without them, I go a little crazy. They help me clear my mind so I can concentrate on the big picture or no picture at all, depending on what my meditation needs are that day. I also spend over 1/2 the hiking time listening to podcasts, so I'm learning something new every day. Plus, I've chosen to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, so I can run all over my Sedona red rocks daily.

So, I guess my message is never stop trying new things and never stop researching ways to keep yourself in optimum health. You are in charge of your health and you are your best advocate. Period. And with all the new advances in medicine and the wealth of all medical knowledge at your fingertips, ignorance is a choice.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and I highly advise you do your research before trying Primatene Mist. Here's a link to all the facts you need to help make a proper decision.


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